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Have you wanted to start a private practice but haven't known where to start? Have you launched your practice but have been feeling stuck because it's not growing? Or perhaps you're ready to take the leap into full-time private practice, but have felt scared--wondering if it would be a success?

When I started my practice two years ago I had no clue what I was doing.

It felt like I was building a plane as I was flying it, (10/10 not recommended). Looking back, I wish I had someone I trusted to guide me through the process of building a business as a mental health professional. So now I'm passionate about the opportunity to give to other therapists what I wished I had for myself.

Launching your practice does not have to be daunting. I'm excited to come alongside you, and break down the process into simple and practical steps, and have some fun along the way!

Transform your vision of a thriving private practice into a reality.

I've created a three-month guided consulting package with you in mind.

Through our time together you'll learn:

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Client Testimonials

Meagan Rueda

Shiloh Counseling

"The guidance Barb has given me through consultation has been invaluable for my new practice. From crafting a mission statement, to practical marketing tools and crafting intake forms, I've been set up for success. Also, Barb is the sweetest human I've ever met, so connecting with her has been a breeze. If you're looking to start your own counseling practice, Barb is the right person to guide you through the launch process."

Grace Woods

Journey of Healing Counseling

"From the very first consulting session to the last, Barb provided support, encouragement, wisdom and talent, as she gently guided my through the ins and outs of what a private practice looks like and how to create it with comfort and confidence. Barb helped me believe in myself that this could and would come to fruition, and it did! I could not have started my private practice without her."

Jayme Martin, MMFT

Jayme Martin Counseling

"Barb was instrumental in helping me launch my private practice with confidence! With her guidance and encouragement, I was able to articulate my values, goals, and mission statement. By engaging with this work, I am now able to stay grounded as I make decisions because I can ensure that they remain in alignment with my values. By coming alongside me, and helping me understand what makes my practice unique to me, Barb gave me the courage to branch out on my own."

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